The downside of "the business"
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Author:  Matthias [ Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:22 am ]
Post subject:  The downside of "the business"

Last weekend i had to make sad experiences with 2 of 4 eggs.

1 male hatched after 165 days. 1 day later on one egg there was a scratch and a nose looking out of the egg. The third egg got only a little scratch but nothing more and the fourth egg was shrunken.

So i decided to open the eggs after another day. The one with the nose out of the egg did survive. He took his first breath while i was watching him after i pulled him out of the egg.

The other one with the little scratch was dead in her egg. The one in the shrunken egg was also dead. I believe that they were to weak to come out?!

Maybe some1 got an explanation because they were fully developed.

The incubation was on vermiculite and 28,6°C. The last 2 clutches was a 100% rate with perfect babies. This one was not....

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