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PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:02 pm 

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Hey guys,

in 2012 my female laid 2 clutches with 4 eggs each! The 1st clutch on 28.06 and the 2nd on 25.10.12! Both clutches looked good in the beginning and I incubated them by 28-30 C°. On the 3. dec. we moved into our new apartement. During the relocation, STUPIDLY I pulled out the cable for the incubator and didn`t notice it. After ca. 8 h I noticed that the incubator was without electricity and the temperature drop from 28 to 18 C° for this time. On the next day I looked into the incubator and the first animal form the 1st clutch was hatched and looked healthy. On the dec. I saw two more animals hatching. On of these animals just pushed out the head as you can see on the picture. Egg nr.4 form the clutch just had a small scrach on the eggshell. I waited and during the day, one animal hatched complete and the other one was still like I found it in the morning. The next day I noticed that the animal was already dead. I realized that the head just pushed out and the hole was very tight. Could it be that the animal strangled it self? The last egg still had just the small scratch on it and nothing happend. After 3 more days I diceded to open the last egg. Sadly also this animal was already dead.

One week ago I noticed that all eggs from the 2nd clutch went bad!! Is it possible that the eggs went bad after the temperature drop? On the pic you can see the bad eggs. After all that shit what happend I didn´t open them ....for me it looks a bit like that they could have been also infertile but 1 month after the female laid them they looked good?????!!!!! Bad things like this happen if you work with reptiles.....Regards Chris

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:19 pm 

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I am not practised enough with Fijis to answer your questions but I will make a couple of comments.

I had a power cut when my eggs were incubating(they were about six weeks old at the time) and the temperature fell to 21c and the eggs still hatched.The heat was off for seven or eight hours.

With other species of lizards I have had dead in the shell and weak hatchlings when I haven`t given the parent female lots of ultraviolet and calcium.I believe this is paramount to good hatching in diurnal lizards.

The single dead Fiji looks like it has a lot of yolk sac still to be absorbed.Do you think that it was ready to hatch?

Good luck with the next clutch. ;)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:49 pm 
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Hi, the low temp. for 8 hours is not a problem for eggs that are read to hatch, but for eggs that are only a few weeks old, its a probelm.
If the hatchling are not able to hatch, then the reason is inadequate vitamin and mineral nutrition of the female.
good luck for the next clutch.

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